There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

Our vision ? a future rural & regional Australia where it's ''OK2SAYNO'' and we fully support & include our mates whether they choose to drink or not

SITC is not presenting as a service or a solution. We know that tackling the $35 billion spent in taxes and the preventable deaths and the 6,000 Australian lives lost every year (to alcohol related illness, injury and death) requires a united front, national strategies, huge amounts of funding, and teams of dedicated full-time professionals. Our daily advocacy and core focus is to create awareness, community and connection through authentic, down-to-earth and desperately needed yarns and colloquial education from a grassroots lived-experience perspective.

We are a positive, inclusive, rural & regional alcohol awareness charity for rural & regional Australians -  

(Founder, Shanna Whan)


  • we do not advocate in there being a 'one-size fits all' approach to alcohol abuse

  • we DO believe in prevention through proactive and honest yarns between real people

  • we know that every time somebody says it's ''OK2SAYNO'' lives are changed

  • so we continue to promote this positive message in a demographic that is overlooked

  • our focus is in sustainable regional and rural PEOPLE (not just agriculture) and in promoting future generations who value balance and health and an inclusive mateship that isn't beer focused 

  • we don't demonise alcohol or those who drink moderately

  • we are here for those who choose not to, or cannot drink moderately

  • we are not here to 'reinvent' the wheel - but we are here to re-calibrate the wheel for bush conditions and speak a language that makes sense to other everyday rural and regional people

  • our advocacy ranges from educational 'entry-level' discussions (eg. schools or universities) but can extend to more complex conversations at the crisis point

  • we do whatever we need to do and we learn as we go

  • our foundation is built on 'paying it forward' and passing on hope for others

  • to continue expanding and achieving this vision we will continue to align with others

  • we are challenging and changing the model of anonymity as effective in a rural setting where isolation and addiction walk hand in hand - because we believe anonymity should be a choice; not an automatic mandate for anybody who needs support from mates

Our charity constitution as approved by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ABN number 92 636 739 645) is freely available for the public to view via the ACNC website; or you can read it below:

The future activity of our charity will remain in raising awareness around the truth about alcohol in the rural space and the gaps in support, services, and available treatments for the overlooked demographic of professional rural and remote Australians when it comes to alcohol addiction, abuse, and misuse.

  • We will continue to do this by:

  • generating conversation at a national rural level surrounding the prevention of alcohol related harm with a specific focus on eliminating any stigma surrounding the truth of ‘’casual alcoholism’’

  • encouraging rural and regional Australians to take responsibility for themselves by taking responsibility for our own drinking culture by reaching out to friends and family and making it ‘’ok to say no’’ to alcohol 

  • transition to an official exclusive member-based online platform for isolated peers and professionals who cannot access confidential local services or support to gather and chat

  • promoting and supporting alcohol-awareness, education, and services so that people can readily access expert help when required

  • implementing and suggesting programs that encourage people to access and provide assistance at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of alcohol harm arising from difficult life situations or mental illness

  • co-ordinate an annual rural "Sober in the Country Day" during which Australians are encouraged to host a sober BBQ and discuss that it’s ‘okay to be alcohol free’ or go sober for the day to support a mate who can't drink