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our vision is a rural Australia where it's socially acceptable when somebody to say 'no thanks' to a beer.

To continue achieving our mission; the future activity of our charity will lie in raising awareness around the gaps in support, services, and available treatments for rural and remote Australians when it comes to alcohol addiction, abuse, and misuse. We will continue seeking support while:

  • generating conversation at a national rural level surrounding the prevention of alcohol related harm with a specific focus on eliminating any stigma surrounding the truth of ‘’casual alcoholism’’

  • encouraging rural and regional Australians to take responsibility for themselves by taking responsibility for our own drinking culture by reaching out to friends and family and making it ‘’ok to say no’’ to alcohol 

  • transition to an official exclusive member-based online platform for isolated peers and professionals who cannot access confidential local services or support to gather and chat

  • promoting and supporting alcohol-awareness, education, and services so that people can readily access expert help when required

  • implementing programs that encourage people to access and provide assistance at an early stage, thereby reducing the risk of alcohol harm arising from difficult life situations or mental illness

  • co-ordinate an annual rural "Sober in the Country Day" during which Australians are encouraged to host a sober BBQ and discuss that it’s ‘okay to be alcohol free’ or go sober for the day to support a mate who can't drink


... after five years travelling and speaking to peers

all over rural Australia; Shanna has unearthed and is sharing some basic questions & truths including:

  • HOW is it that we can drink alongside our mates and encourage being fall-down pissed and glorify this as the measure of a man, and then deny our support to that same mate if they realise booze is a problem and they ask for help and admit there is a problem?

  • HOW can we expect a city-based model like AA to work in a tiny town where anonymity is literally not possible; and moreso, there are simply no ''meetings'' available even if somebody felt comfortable enough to go along? Anonymity should be a choice, not an expectation.

  • WHY are we actually even asking our mates who fall down the rabbit-hole of addiction to bugger off and be anonymous in their greatest and most urgent time of need, anyhow? Aren't we ''all about supporting our mates, no matter what?'' If we are good enough to raise funds and feed the chooks for our mates who get injured or sick with things like broken legs or a scary illnesses - why do we suddenly get selective when the disease is known as alcoholism? 

  • WHY on earth is being an alcoholic such a dirty secret and surprise when (come on let's be honest) many of us are drinking at crazy alcoholic levels the second we turn eighteen? It's obvious that a few are going to slip through the cracks along the way, right? So why do we continue to demonise the ''A'' word and why can we not be honest about the horrifyingly common truth?

  • WHY will our government and PHN's invest millions into the ICE epidemic but consistently refuse to acknowledge the more prevalent and serious issue of the alcohol epidemic?

  • DROUGHT is an ongoing crisis making this issue and epidemic more urgent than ever; because drought = stress|fear|isolation + mental health going untreated. The average Aussie will drink a beer or twenty before asking for a hand, as we all know. 




PLEASE NOTE: obviously - we cannot do anything for ourselves or for somebody we love who isn't ready to admit or face the truth of their situation. We can't force people into asking for help or ''make'' them do whatever it takes to be willing, honest, and ready to change.

Sobriety is unfortunately not for those who need it, it's for those who want it.

Collectively we can help people to want the change.