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It's Shanna here. CEO + Founder of SITC. If you have stumbled across Sober in the Country (Ltd) and you identify as a rural or remote professional and you'd like a little moral support along with a confidential place to chat - hopefully we can help with our private and closed discussion group (linked further down).

Straight up; before you click that button: you need to read the info here.

Please be fully aware that this group is (as stated) strictly for working rural or remote professionals. Examples include agribusiness owner, famer, small town school teacher, remote health care worker, self-employed rural person, police … etc.

In other words, this tribe is for those who do not qualify for any government or welfare assistance, cannot afford the time or money to leave their home, business, farms etc., to travel (or afford to travel) to access a community or connection point.


However - before I share the link with you: as the CEO of this charity - I need to give crystal clear and full disclosure on how 'we' run:

  • We are NOT a medical service, or a replacement for any kind of professional support.

  • We are NOT a replacement for a programme or working recovery concept 

  • If you are in a medical emergency, please go to your nearest hospital, or call 000 immediately

If you join it is expected that you will be working (or asking about / researching) a structured programme of your own choice or preference and not depending on the group to ''recover'' - other than in the sense of moral support and shared ideas.

It is essential from a safety point of view that anybody asking to join understands and accepts that any questions around meds, withdrawals, or requests for medical, psychological, or financial help must not be asked. Remember: we are not experts, doctors, or psychologists. 

The website terms and conditions are listed on the website.

These must be read in full before joining. By joining the group you are accepting and agreeing that you have read and understood those terms.

As the CEO, I have made a commitment to be involved in a daily basis with members as often as possible; rather than being ''one step removed'' as most CEO's are; but - please be aware I am not available 24-7 and make no promises to be instantly available. I am purely in the group as a facilitator and administrator and as ''just another garden variety recovered alcoholic'' and not presenting nor masquerading as an expert, guru, professional service, representative of any outside organisation, or a port for one-on-one advice. Please don't ask, as I am simply not qualified.

Please note that after five years of entirely voluntary service; I am no longer able to sustain what I do and that due to massive growth and demands upon my time - the private group is transitioning to a paid-member group in 2020.


All membership fees will go directly back to the Sober in the Country Ltd charity.


If you require a free service please visit Hello Sunday Morning (with whom I am affiliated as a rural ambassador) and download their government-funded 'Daybreak' APP. 

Please note that membership requests will be at my discretion; and none will be approved unless ALL questions are answered and responded to in full. No fake profiles will be accepted. 

It is expected that you are already familiar with Facebook groups and comfortable navigating your way around. Learning Facebook is your own responsibility and not part of our service.

Please understand that while our Private Discussion Group is NOT visible to anybody in your ''friends'' list or public people on Facebook - your posts and profile are visible to other within the group. Therefore we obviously cannot guarantee you ‘’won’t know’’ other members. In fact, chances are, you will know somebody.

On that note: by joining this chat group you are agreeing to the complete anonymity and confidentiality of other members within. Any breach of confidence is not tolerated, and can result in legal action.


You agree, buy joining, to honour the strictest codes of confidence. 


TO JOIN OUR GROUP : CLICK THE ORANGE BUTTON BELOW - see you in there!!  Shanna xx