There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

latest news from SITC HQ !

... well, gosh - holy cow .... um, er - sometimes I DO, actually, get lost for words .. because 

what a 12 months it has been for this fortunate girl. Honestly - words don't seem sufficient to convey the real depth of my thanks, gratitude and appreciation for those who have jumped right down into the trenches next to me since 2019.


A special shout-out to our growing list of official partners and to those of you who have so very generously donated to get me across the line from exhausted solo volunteer to an official registered charity with a national voice after 5 long years mostly alone in the fight. 


Obviously, a major event in our lives was the airing of our Australian Story episode 'Last Drinks' which was seen by about 2 million people the same week our charity was announced. I am honestly still catching up from that alone.


Today, in 2020, our social media channels are being read by around 40,000 rural Aussies and our private rural professionals group is home to 6oo SITC ''family members'' who are supporting each other to either cut out or cut back their own booze habits. And all because of nothing more than honest conversation, connection, and the creation of an online community.


In the latest news; I am off to Sydney as a finalist in the 2020 Rex Airlines Regional Woman of the Year awards. I'll also be presenting at the Opera House the same week at an International Women's Day gig called ''All About Women''.


After that - I am basically travelling Australia in the coming 6 months, and representing our charity across rural communities, corporate events, universities, and at Parliament. 

''We are ridiculously excited about interest from corporate partners and philanthropic investors who are quickly coming on board and realising the pivotal connection between this conversation and rural and regional sustainability for our people.''


So our faith remains firm and focused. We see the proof every single day of the total need for this charity and its purpose and we know the rest will come.


Thank you for being here. I am grateful beyond measure - and our SITC 'family' Australia wide is grateful.


This matters. 

Shanna x