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calling collaborators, risk takers & and the bold.

''As we transition from 5 years as a one-woman volunteer to an official national charity with a serious voice - I am now asking shamelessly and boldly for help. After constant campaigning for this life-saving initiative to both state and federal leaders since my NSW/ACT Rural Woman of the Year Finalist honours in early 2018, I've not as yet been able to secure any help or even any real acknowledgement - and so, I (we) am now moving away from red-tape and into collaborating with risk-takers who can get the job done. 


I will be selectively seeking partnerships and collabs across rural Australia and corporate Australia, and to work with philanthropic cornerstone investors to take what has been proven as a powerful and effective conversation so that we can get to work with experts to make SITC a game-changer in the rural space so that it is a sustainable, exciting, innovative, and rural-futures focused. 


We have tremendous needs at the moment, from basic wages, equipment to support, expert counsel, strategists, etc.


But we have laid powerful foundations and now through SITC we can now move right ahead with disrupting the completely unacceptable gaps and norms in this space and challenge our leaders to invest the same money, time,''social awareness,'' and urgency into alcohol-related illness, injury and death that it does with other drugs, such as ICE.'' 

''Without rural Australia, there is no Australia. These are often businesses, farmers, families and communities already under enormous pressure - and we cannot continue to just brush it all under the carpet when it comes to critical discussions around health, support, and services.''

- Shanna Whan (founder + CEO)