There comes a point where we need to stop just pulling people out of the river. We need to go upstream and find out why they’re falling in - Desmond Tutu

everything you need to know

Shanna operates under a code of integrity and authenticity - and her personal philosophy is that when she visits your company, your community, or your workshop : she will be giving 110%. She is all about clear communication and ensuring that your expectations are carefully discussed, covered, and in place before travelling to an event. 


  • 45 minutes to 1 hour is necessary for Shanna to delivery her trademark keynote
  • These can range from health to agriculture to addictions - she is not limited 
  • Shorter talks might be possible if requested, and depending on the scenario / event
  • Workshops, panels, TV, radio. etc are negotiated accordingly


  • 45 minutes to 1 hour is necessary for Shanna to delivery her trademark keynote
  • these can range from health to agriculture to addictions - she is not limited 
  • shorter talks might be possible if requested, and depending on the scenario / event
  • a guaranteed quality working microphone and sound-system (please ensure back-ups, spare batteries, troubleshooting etc. is in place) will be necessary for large crowds
  • please advise us on what equipment you have in terms of projectors, etc.
  • adequate pre-arranged seating will also be organised by the host to ensure a cohesive and inclusive 'crowd' environment where all attendees are comfortable and within hearing range
  • for MC roles; plenty of in-depth background information is required in terms of your event, audience, and any sponsors, run-sheets, VIP's etc. 
  • Shanna is meticulous on detail and with preparation so that she can adequately prepare in full and thank the appropriate people and acknowledge the right event organisers, sponsors, etc.
  • for remote locations - please let us know your nearest airport, carriers, and easiest route 


Keynote / panelist / Mc fees are calculated carefully to be in-line with similar speakers, industry standards, and based on Shanna's national profile and extensive speaking experience. 

  • For the main keyote style of 1 hour + Q&A please budget from $2900

  • this includes time to mingle, mix, chat etc.

  • Add extra for Keynote + MC

  • Subtract for shorter sessions

  • our costs take into account the sheer volume of time away from home and in transit

  • additional costs are added for getting Shanna to your event and include:

  • all flights, transfers, car-hire (4WD for remote areas), meals, accommodation, etc 

  • for regional travel, fuel is charged at .74c/km

  • events further than 200km from 'home base' will require overnight accommodation

  • SITC will choose accommodation, car hire etc as per discussions with our booking agent unless otherwise specified

  • for any TV or stage work; makeup and styling to be covered by the host

CHARITY CONCESSIONS : some concessions on speaker fees can be discussed for other NFP's and charities in exchange for ''in-kind'' promotion; such as the cross-sharing of our website and SITC logos etc in the promotions and advertising leading to your event. Let us know about your charity; and this can be discussed.


  • For a comprehensively tailored quote for your event please fill out the booking form in as much detail as possible on the main bookings page

  • Quotes are calculated on average flight and hotel pricing of the speaker's choice at the time of booking and are subject to change according to availability. Remember; early bookings ensure cheaper travel

  • A Quote is just a quote. Please let us know if we have got anything wrong, or if you need more information or if something doesn't suit. Our primary objective is to make things happen easily, and to ensure everyone is on the same page. 


  • A $600 deposit is required to secure Shanna Whan in advance of an event.


  • Deposits are non-refundable deposit if the host cancels less than 2 months before the event

  • If the host cancels their event, or if an event is impacted by weather or natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances; this is viewed as unforeseen loss incurred by the host. SITC will not be liable to refund flights, accommodation, etc.


  • There are not daily flights available for Shanna from Narrabri. 

  • Some weekend flights are available from Tamworth - which is a 2.5 hour drive 

  • Please give plenty of notice to allow for all this


Shanna is absolutely non-negotiable about safety first. What she does is emotionally intense and she gives her heart and soul to others and at every event in order to carry out this life-saving message. Therefore her travel plans and itineraries are built specifically to ensure adequate ''rest & revival'' between events.  She needs to have independent travel (car hire) when rurally or regionally speaking - which is, again, in line with her ongoing alcohol-free strategies, safety, and security.