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Shanna is an experienced MC, public speaker, and host now harnessing her skills and using them across the national rural sustainability space tackling addictions, awareness, rural health and links to current issues including drought and declining access to already-thinly-stretched support.


She is rapidly becoming a wider national media personality after a busy two years including frequent appearances across national Australian TV, radio, and stages - and of course thanks to her 'previous life' and career in the corporate agriculture space and as a national photographer and journalist.

This is a woman just as at home in a dusty paddock as she is on the TEDx stage. She is, after all, first and foremost a country girl and she still lives in the rural space. She knows ag and rural communities inside out and this is at the heart of her national advocacy. 

She is booking up for 2020 - please enquire about availability using the form below.

''Shanna is an absolute jet. She belongs behind a microphone.

She is real, raw, fun, articulate and 100% passionate - along with being an absolute professional and chameleon who blends in across situations as required.''

(Alex Thomas, fellow Rural Woman of the Year)


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Shanna’s speaking and volunteer work is now recognised and endorsed by leading allied mental health and addictions bodies including:


AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs Foundation)

FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education)

CWA (Country Women’s Association)

AgriFutures Australia

ANZMHA (Australia and New Zealand Mental Health Alliance)  

HSM (Hello Sunday Morning) with who she is an official rural ambassador. 

* * *

Sarah Harris Studio 10 host: ''Shanna is real, raw, authentic. Perfect.''

Natarsha Belling: Channel 10: ''Shan is pure heart. She's a bush gem.''

2GB radio producer Thomas Blake: ''Shanna is a perfect voice for the bush. 

Ernie Dingo, TV Personality: ''co-hosting an event with Shanna was a piece of cake. We did good.''

Costa Georgiadis, TV Presenter & Celebrity: ‘’I worked closely with Shanna as part of a large regional food festival where she was the roving MC & host for the day. Shan was totally connected and professional. This meant that as a guest I could hit the ground running and direct my energies to the right place at the right time. Shanna is extremely articulate, informed, spontaneous, fun, and funny - and her meticulous preparation and ability to work under pressure was pivotal to the event.''

Craig Hamilton, Australia’s leading men’s mental health speaker: ‘’Shanna is an absolute rock star! She speaks with authority and integrity and lived experience - and that is priceless.’’

Emma, audience participant and farmer’s wife: ‘’I was lucky enough to meet Shanna at Boorowa International Women's Day event. Wow - fabulous speaker, gorgeous and down to earth human, getting people talking about alcoholism in Australia. Not in an awkward way or one that demonises alcohol, but raw honesty in a relatable conversation that encourages us to consider how ingrained in our society alcohol has become, and identify how this is causing problems and what we need to do - through the eyes of a recovered alcoholic. Starting the conversation is the first step.’’

Jen, audience member, TED X Canberra: ‘’Your TED talk was so incredibly powerful and full of shocking truths. I was very fortunate to be in the audience when you spoke. I was completely and utterly captivated the entire time by your authenticity and rawness. I wish you all the success with your social media impact initiative, and I hope you are flooded with support. Thank you so much for your work and your passion in helping others.’’

Anne Braithwaite, workshop delegate, Gold Coast: ''It was wonderful to hear you speak, and to learn about your work and vision. I am originally a country girl and now live in the city. Having grown up in the country and as a Mum to three boys, I can absolutely concur that the culture around our demographic when it comes to alcohol has long been overlooked and a serious concern. Please keep doing what you are doing! We need you!

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