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Shanna is an absolute jet. She belongs behind a microphone.

She is real, raw, fun, articulate and 100% passionate - along with being an absolute professional and chameleon who blends in across situations as required (Alex Thomas, fellow Rural Woman of the Year)


CEO + FOUNDER ~ Sober in the Country (SITC)

national personality | speaker | MC | radio guest | podcaster

Shanna Whan has 20 years' experience across rural Australia and into the city from her career in corporate agriculture, photojournalism, as a speaker, presenter, MC and now a national media personality on the TEDX stage, national radio, national TV and print press.

She is an experienced professional across the following roles:

  • National MC

  • National Keynote

  • National MC + Keynote combined

  • Radio (live + recorded)

  • Television (live + recorded)

  • Panelist

  • Studio Guest

  • Working alongside celebrities and other professionals


Shanna is just as comfortable in an inner-city auditorium as she is in a paddock.

Travel is absolutely no problem, but plenty of notice is required; especially for rural events.



  • 45 minutes to one hour is necessary for Shanna to delivery her most popular keynote style
  • a guaranteed quality working microphone and sound-system is necessary for large crowds
  • when MC-ing & speaking at an evening event; access to alcohol-free alternatives
  • in-depth background information is required in terms of your audience, any VIP's etc.


Speaker fees begin at $3,000 to cover a thorough keynote of one hour + Q&A

Time away from home and 'in transit' is at the cost of the hosting body

  • please note speaker fees go directly to the Sober in the Country Ltd charity and are tax-deductible
  • host is to cover all travel (including transfers) accommodation, and meals

  • host is to cover hotel or motel of Shanna's preference

  • hair and makeup or styling as required for any major events (such as Opera House, TV, etc.)



A $500 deposit is required to reserve Shanna Whan in advance of an event.

This is a non-refundable deposit if the host cancels less than 1 month before the event.


For a tailored quote for your event please fill out the booking form below.


some concessions might be offered for other NFP's using in-kind promotion etc.


Sarah Harris, Studio 10 host: ''Shanna is real, raw, authentic. Perfect.''

Steve Price, 2GB Radio Sydney: ''Shanna is a powerful and authentic voice for the bush.''

Caitlin Shea, Australian Story Executive Producer: ''Shanna is a leading talent with a powerful story.''

Brooke Hanson, OAM + Olympian: ''Shanna's authentic delivery will without doubt save lives and make a difference. I thank her for empowering Aussies to look at themselves.''

Natarsha Belling, Channel 10: ''Shan is pure heart and soul. She's a bush gem.''

Ernie Dingo, TV Personality: ''co-hosting an event with Shanna was a piece of cake.''

Costa Georgiadis, TV Presenter & Celebrity: ‘’Shan is a totally connected and engaged professional. Working alongside her as she was MC meant that (as a guest) I could hit the ground running and direct my energies to the right place at the right time. Shanna is extremely articulate, informed, prepared - but also extremely quick, spontaneous, and funny.''

Craig Hamilton, Australia’s leading men’s mental health speaker: ‘’Shanna is an absolute rock star! She speaks with authority, integrity and lived experience - and that is priceless.’’

Emma, audience participant and farmer’s wife: ‘’I was lucky enough to meet Shanna at Boorowa International Women's Day event. Wow - fabulous speaker, gorgeous and down to earth human, getting people talking about the alcohol culture in Australia, but NOT in an awkward way. Just raw and relatable.'

Jen, audience member, TEDX Canberra: ‘’I was very fortunate to be in the audience when Shanna presented at TEDx Canberra. Powerful. So powerful. I was completely and utterly captivated the entire time by her authenticity and rawness, and her huge, huge heart.''

Anne Braithwaite, workshop delegate, Australian New Zealand Mental Health Association, Gold Coast:

''It was wonderful to hear you speak, and to learn about your work and vision. I am originally a country girl and now live in the city. Having grown up in the country and as a Mum to three boys, I can absolutely concur that the culture around our demographic when it comes to alcohol has long been overlooked and a serious concern. Please keep doing what you are doing! We need you!

Anonymous rural farmer: ''Shanna is one of us. In every way. She gets it. And because she is so real and so a articulate - she is gifted to break down one of the most difficult conversations of our time, and make it okay.''

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