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Shanna is an absolute jet. She belongs behind a microphone. She is real, raw, fun, articulate and 100% professional yet passionate - along with being a chameleon who blends in across situations as required. She's also from the bush so she walks the walk and talks the talk. People just 'get it' when she speaks.

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national media personality | speaker | MC | radio guest | podcaster

Shanna Whan has accumulated 20 years' of presenting and speaking experience across Australia from time spent travelling the country in her former lives that have included corporate agriculture, tour guiding, photojournalism, and then more recently via her 5 years at the help of Sober in the Country.

The past 5 years have seen her gain experience across national television and radio - and she's completely at home with live appearances, panels, etc.

Shan's style of speaking is not limited; and ranges from a lighter-style of educational talk to younger audiences (eg; at schools and colleges) to motivational talks about 'sustainable people' at a corporate level; or something more colloquial for the building or mining sector - and right into the other 'end' of her sobriety advocacy where she speaks at places such as rehabilitation centres. She has lived all these aspects of life and is extremely well versed and hyper-aware on the sensitivity of differing needs, situations, etc - and her message is tailored according to client needs, expectations, and audiences.

She is an experienced professional across the following roles:

  • National MC

  • National Keynote

  • National MC + Keynote combined

  • Radio (live + recorded)

  • Television (live + recorded)

  • Panelist

  • Studio Guest

  • Working alongside celebrities and other professionals


Shanna is just as comfortable in an inner-city auditorium as she is in a paddock.

Travel is absolutely no problem, but plenty of notice is required; especially for rural events.



  • 45 minutes to one hour is necessary for Shanna to delivery her most popular keynote style
  • a guaranteed quality working microphone and sound-system is necessary for large crowds
  • adequate pre-arranged seating will also be organised by the host to ensure a cohesive and inclusive 'crowd' environment where all attendees are comfortable and within hearing range
  • in-depth background information is required in terms of your audience, any VIP's etc. so that Shanna can adequately prepare in full and thank the appropriate people and acknowledge the right event organisers, sponsors, etc.


Speaker fees begin at approximately $3,000 to cover a 1 hour keynote + Q&A  

  • please note speaker fees go directly to the Sober in the Country Ltd charity and are tax-deductible
  • host is to cover all travel (including transfers) accommodation, and meals

  • host is to cover hotel or motel of Shanna's preference

  • hair and makeup or styling as required for any major events (such as Opera House, TV, etc.)


A $500 deposit is required to reserve Shanna Whan in advance of an event.

This is a non-refundable deposit if the host cancels less than 1 month before the event.


  • For a query and /or a tailored quote for your event please fill out the booking form below

  • Quotes factor in 'time away from home' | time in transit

  • Quotes are calculated on average flight and hotel pricing of the speaker's choice and are subject to change according to availability - early bookings ensure cheaper travel


Please remember Shanna lives rurally; so daily flights aren't alway an option. Narrabri is in north western NSW. She can fly direct to either Sydney or Brisbane 5 days per Visit Fly Corporate for flight times and timetables. 


some concessions on speaker costs might be negotiated or offered for other NFP's | charities, in exchange for in-kind promotion etc. Please ask. We always do our best.